Mommy’s Running a Marathon for Charity!

My Mommy is running the Chicago Marathon in October to raise money for PAWS of Chicago. The Molly and I are helping her! The Molly is Mommy’s spokes model and I am Mommy’s doggie publicist. I did some storms in my little dog brain and thought of these three things that might be persuasive in a fundraising dog blog post.

PAWS Chicago Marathon Team

First: Be Informative: PAWS Chicago is a large no-kill animal shelter in the city of Chicago. So they help animals like the Molly, who used to live in a shelter, get homes. PAWS also has a spay and neuter clinic and a feral cat spay and release program. Mommy says that spaying and neutering is good and I get to be neutered soon. I don’t know what that is, but I hopes it is fun! I thinks all kitties and doggies should have forever homes and be able to be spayed an neutered.  If you donate, it will help with that. You can donate here!

Second: Use Cute Photos: Those might make people want to donate moneys because of the cuteness of it all. I bet if you give moneys, PAWS Chicago will sometime help a cute little dog with no tail get a forever home where their belly can get scratched like mine!  You can donate here!

Puppy belly scratch

Third: Just in Case the Others Don’t Work, Add Pleading and Guilt: My Mommy has to raise at least $600 for PAWS of Chicago. If she doesn’t, they will charge it to the magic plastic card that gets me toys and boney chewy treats. If that happens, Mommy won’t have any moneys left to buy me those. I might cry for days without my boney chewy treats! You don’t want that on your conscious do you? Pleeeaaaaseee!!!! Please donate here!!!!

Boney chewy treats

Did it work? Will you donate? If you can’t affords to donate, will you tell some other peoples to read my blog post about it?  The Molly and I would appreciate it. Thanks!

P.S. Are you a blogger or business and want some exposure and/or free advertising? Visit My Charity Donation Page to learn more about how you and your website can be featured on Puppy on a Roomba or on Mommy’s websites if you donate.


  1. says

    Aww… what a great cause to run for! Have you run a marathon before? I’ve done two and it’s a great experience!

    I hope you raise a great amount of money! Perfect, perfect charity choice!

  2. Ty says

    I rans a marathon around the pool in the backyard. I went around 26.2 times! The Molly could only go around 6 times.

    My mommy ran one marathon before, but it was 16 years ago.

  3. Linda says

    I remember when your Mommy ran that marathon, Ty!

    Awesome cause. Thank you for the info. We need all shelters to be like this one. Good luck on the run!!!


  1. […] Hey! I’m standing up in my playpen to tell you something important! Mommy is running the Chicago Marathon in October to raise moneys for PAWS of Chicago. They are a non-profit shelter that gets homeless kitties and doggies forever homes! You can learn lots about it in my first post on it. […]

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