Possum Pedicures

I found a possum friend in my garden. She was so happy to see me that she made play growly, hissy noises at me and played the hide and go seek game under the shed!

I wanted to learn more about possum friends and found this video thanks to friend Beryl on my Facebooky page. Did you know that possum friends like pedicures? I’m just a little dog with no tail, so I don’t like to share my nails with people, but apparently possums do.

I wish Mommy Secretary would have given my possum friend a pedicure!

Baby Bunny Friend

I found a baby bunny friend in my garden. She stood up and said yip, yip, yipeeeee when I found her because she was so happy to see me.

baby bunny

Baby bunny friends make sounds just like squeaky toys! That is how you know that they want to play.  So I played and played with baby bunny friend until Daddy came and scared baby bunny friend away. I thought that was a rather mean thing to do to a baby bunny.

corgi garden

Where did baby friend go? I hopes she will come back. Little dogs with no tails have corgi bunny butts, so we have lots in common!

Secretary Mommy editorial note: baby bunny was not harmed.